Summer Camps

Carving a bow and arrows, sneaking through the foliage, dunking in our creek, roasting apples in a fire started with flint and steel, cutting patterns on poles with our hand-made, foot-powered forest lathe, hunting hidden treasures, blindfold walks through the forest … what will bring your child alive this summer?

Guardians of the Forest

Children join us in learning the ancient ways of the forest, finding the excitement and beauty and wisdom that is hidden in the trees, the rushing creek, the rustling leaves.  We have birds here that fly underwater!  We have flowers with 100 blooms in a single square inch.  There are plants growing here that — if you’re careful — are perfect for a nibble here and there, and even a bit more!  And our clay is perfect for face-painting!

Can you find your child, carefully camouflaged with ferns and clay, when they are just a few feet away from you? We dare you!

Reserve Space Today!

Our Summer Camps run Monday through Friday, for most of July and the first half of August.  See our calendar for exact dates and times.  Children aged 5 – 17 are invited to join us for any or all weeks!

Each week costs $250, payable by June 15th.  There is also an annual registration fee of $50/family valid for any of our programs.